The mission of God is to restore all things to himself in and through the work and person of Jesus Christ. His chosen vehicle through which he is accomplishing his mission is the church.


The church is the Family of God called together to himself and sent out on his mission. We combine our Gospel identities as Family, Missionaries, and Servants in unity with one another to form GOSPEL COMMUNITIES on MISSION (GCM). Gospel communities are the primary means through which Cor Church mobilizes people together on mission and connects people to a caring community.


A gospel community (GC) is a committed group of believers who live out the mission of God together in a specific area and to a particular people group by demonstrating and proclaiming the gospel — both to those who believe and those who do not yet believe. To clarify, a gospel community is not primarily a small group, Bible study, support group, social activist group, or weekly meeting, but a family of missionary servants committed to making disciples of Jesus.

It is here in GCMs that the new believer quickly learns how to share their faith and comes to know that they have a community in which they not only have family and friends but that they may invite others into this family to experience the same love of Christ. The GCM is not a meeting or a weekly event but the church, the people we have chosen to experience the love and mission of God with in the everyday stuff of life. In the long-term we teach one another how to apply Gospel truth to our circumstance, encourage one another in the hope of Jesus, and share in the best and worst parts of life. We call this our Rhythm of Life, it’s How We Live.

"Our desire is that every person who is committed to Cor Church’s vision and mission be fully involved in a gospel community."


Cor Church is not an event, program, or structure we are the Family of God and we use the following
GCM substructures to orient, organize, and foster our intentional organic fellowship. We are committed to gathering in the following spaces:


The Celebration Feast: This is our weekly Sunday Gathering to corporately worship, learn, story, and invite others into the Family of God. During our time of Worship & Word we celebrate the Lord’s goodness and find encouragement in his Word. Then Sharing A Meal together we demonstrate hospitality to others and welcome them to our fellowship. Finally, we end the Celebration Feast with Family Time, where we share our stories, learn who God is and consider the implications of the Gospel on our everyday lives. Plant, Grow, & Send Out: The Celebration Feast is also the birth place of our Gospel Communities where they are nurtured and when mature sent out into the city to continue loving one another and inviting others into the Family of God as they pursue their collective mission. Sent out GCM’s continue to be members of the larger community that is Core Church celebrating with us during the Worship & Word time every Sunday.


Discipleship, Nurture, Accountability (D.N.A.) Groups: These groups consist of three people (men with men, women with women) within a missional community, meeting regularly to be known and bring the Gospel to light in each other’s lives to grow and live in the power of the Gospel.


3rd Place: Outside of our homes and work this is where we go to be ourselves, relax, and express our talents and creativity. Third place is where we fellowship with one another and the rest of the city. It is the primary space in which we socially engage our community’s mission.


Family Time: GCM’s that have matured and been sent out from the Gathering into the city determine a regular rhythm to gather and worship, share a meal, and encourage one another through Scripture.

How We Make GCMs