Lake Worth resides in Palm Beach County where 96% of the residents are unchurched or irreligious. Lake Worth (incorporated & unincorporated) has a population of approximately 157, 715 residents and is known for its historic cottages, the world’s largest street painting festival, and concerts in the Cultural Plaza. The city is home to the county’s Cultural Council, its official art agency, which fuels the vibrant and expansive artist presence throughout downtown Lake Worth.


Additionally, Lake Worth is known for its vibrant gay community, home to Compass the largest LGBTQ community center in the Southeast United States. Lake Worth proper’s residents and business owners tend to have a multiplicity of corporate identities derived from various interests or concerns. The largest groups are the art and gay community.


Ethnically and racially Lake Worth is diverse but extremely segregated residentially; however, there is a burgeoning minority middle class residing in unincorporated Lake Worth, predominantly in the South West corner of the city.


Although cosmopolitan, South Florida is generally not known for its inclusivity and gregariousness and Lake Worth is no different. Outside of the downtown area middle class neighborhoods tend to be enclosed in gated communities and there is no central gathering place for strangers to meet and cultivate community outside of Palm Beach State College and county parks such as John Prince Park.


Socially residents are connected through biological familial relationships, affinities and ethnicity. Residents outside of Lake Worth proper do not have a particular affinity to the City and primarily choose to reside there due to convenience such as home prices and proximity to work or family. COR CHURCH’s prayer is that God would Plant, Grow, & Send Out one Gospel Community for every 5K residents over the next five years!





Cor is the Latin word for heart and it is our desire that all of our ministry be driven by the heart of the Gospel — God and God is Love. You may have heard it said that the Gospel changes everything. Well the everything that the Gospel changes is RELATIONSHIP! First and foremost, reconciling our relationship with the Godhead (the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit), then bringing peace within ourselves, and making us who were strangers, Family; brothers and sisters within the household of God is the overarching theme of redemptive history.


God not only invited us into his family but made a way for us to be with him as members of that family. The greatest demonstration of the heart of the Gospel is God making us members of the Family of God through himself. This is how God works, whatever God does to us, he then does through us. It is God’s will that we invite the part II – The Vision people in our everyday lives into our family just as he invited us into his. We take the HEART of the Gospel, the Family of God to reach the Heart of man. In this way God fulfills his purpose of redemptive history, bringing humanity back into right relationship with himself, BY and THROUGH the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


"When Community and Mission permeate our everyday lives, we will find that Fulfillment and Joy do as well."




Cor Church is a people who use the Heart of the Gospel; the Family of God: our reconciled relationship with one another and communion with God; to demonstrate the love of God to others declaring that God loves them and is calling all to the peace, joy, and hope of his reign and rule through trusting in and relying on the person of Jesus Christ. We take the heart of the Gospel, our family to connect with the hearts of men and women and we call this ministry HEART TO HEART.




We are a community of former strangers who have found unity in our diversity because of the work of Jesus that empowers us to invite others into the genuine Acceptance, Belonging, Caregiving, and Knowing & Being Known by
others in communion with God. This is the Family

of God.


Jesus has given unity to our
diversity so we are joined together into one body through Knowledge, Understanding, and
Intimacy, a mutuality of soul we call Friendship; which we seek to be to others as we testify to our
neighborhoods of his infinite grace and justice.


Christ is King of the kingdom of God, and through the grace of God we have been made Citizens of his kingdom, a new Race that is his People who willfully serve God, his people, and our community.



To be a Family whose everyday lives daily show every man, woman and child that through trusting and relying on the person of Jesus Christ they will find God, the eternal Love we all seek.

Matthew 22:36; Ephesians 2:11-22; Matthew 28:16-20; 2 Corinthians 6:16-18; John 13:34-35; 1 John 3:11-19; Romans 12:14-15; Ephesians 4:25; John 17, John 1:1; Revelations 21:1-4; Galations 4:2-7; John 15:12-17; Acts 2:42-47; 1 Corinthians 12, Epheisans 5:29-30



To live as a Family of Missionary Servants by allowing the Gospel of Jesus to permeate the everyday stuff of our lives as we lovingly invite others to be a part of the Family of God.